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Hart Entertainment is an industry leader in the management of film and television production of packaged media and digital entertainment content ranging from television to indie films and studio blockbusters. The management of a long run of prestigious worldwide hit films has elevated the founder to a unique position in the entertainment industry.

Founder, Geno Hart, unique one-of-a-kind history as an advisor and manager of Oscar and Golden Globe-winning and nominated films as well as Emmy-winning television, supporting the achievement of;

          12 Academy Award wins and 36 nominations 

          15 Golden Globe wins, and 33 nominations

          32 Emmy Award wins and 10 nominations

          and hundreds of other wins and nominations.

Industry insiders say that Mr. Hart is among a select few of the most successful managers behind the camera in the history of motion pictures based on an incredible volume and quality of productions. His response, "The Film Business is like athletics -There's no Dream without The Team."

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